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It's got really pretty lights!

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  y k u
  h-.-l or num-pad
  b j n

Walk into your opponent to attack them.

Day 11

  • Randomly generated dungeons using cellular automata.
  • Sub-pixel shading ala Doryen's Pyromancer!
  • New luminosity function also from Doryen (see here).
  • Diagonal movement using yubn keys and number pad.

Day 8

Day 1

I had the idea of making a game to be played on a Kindle. After finding Amazon has a development kit I was eager to start. But then I found it's in 'beta' and I had to apply to get access to the tools to make programs for a device I own (oh, joy). I didn't expect to receive a reply (and I still haven't) so I decided to make it in JavaScript and play via the expiremental web browser. This kind of worked for a while but I decided the limitations (in the processor, display, and controls) was too much. Now, Chrogue is a game you can play on almost any modern browser (except maybe the Kindle's).

Chrogue is a roguelike made by a guy named Chris.